Sable & White Bitch, d.o.b. 07.02.2004, CEA clear

TOP BROOD BITCH 2011-2012-2013

СH Lythwood Sixmith

CH Lythwood Steptoe

CH Lythwood Scrabble

CH Lythwood Spruce

CH Lythwood Seanymph

Lythwood Sea Urchin

CH Lythwood Sky Master

CH Lythwood Seanymph

CH Lythwood Stage Wispa at Tegwel

Tegwel Gold Sovereign of Sherringwood

Tegwel Gold Delegate at Allanvail

Tegwel Seed Pearl, 2xCC, 4xResCC

Lythwood Some Girl

CH Lythwood Scrabble

Lythwood Sky Train

Milesand Spinning Jenny, CC

CH Milesand Storn-In Norman

CH Milesend Stormwarden

CH Tegwel Wild Ways of Sandwick

Chelmarsh Countess at Milesend

Sommerville Rural Girl

CH Herds The Helmsman

Sommerville Mystic Charm

CH Milesend Dancing Along

Callart The Dancing Flames, CC

Milesend Trivial Pursuit

Gamewood Gemini at Callart

Milesend Move Along Smartly

Milesend Trivial Pursuit

CH Milesend Smart Enought


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